This is the newest product from Tiny’s LEDs. Inspired by the RMRC Solder bridge color changing LED. We needed one smaller to fit on an ultralight rig. We dropped the length by 12mm and retained all function. it features 3x 5050 RGB LEDs and operates up to 6s direct Lipo voltages. Use these for DCL and other events that require addressable LEDs that you don’t want to use FC 5 volt LEDs.  1x LED board Per order.

7 colors ( Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple/Pink, Cyan, White)

Dimensions: 8x28mm

Voltage: 3-6s (10-27v)

Color Breakout:

Not Soldered:   –

Soldered:    |

Yellow           – | |

White             | | |

Cyan             | – |

Green            – – |

Blue              | – –

Red.             – | –

Pink/Purple   | | –

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